Turning a Staycation into a Service Trip

“Sometimes the most memorable vacations can be had in your own backyard.”

–Maya Nissim

Have you ever vacationed in your home state or even your home town rather than abroad? Exploring and looking deeper into your everyday surroundings is becoming increasingly popular among travelers. Planning a stay-at-home-vacation, also known as a “staycation,” is a great way for people to enjoy and appreciate their local community through an experience simulating traveling without spending a lot of time or money.

There are many ways to enjoy where you live by taking part in protecting local environments and exploring eco-friendly options nearby. More and more people are becoming mindful of the importance of leaving lighter footsteps and benefiting the world around us. Turning your staycation into a service trip can positively impact you, your family, and the world around you. One way to go on a meaningful staycation in your local community is to transform your weekend or even just a day into a service trip.

As an example, last year Adventures in Voluntourism planned a trip for South Floridians to explore beautiful Fort Lauderdale. This allowed locals to take a deeper look into their very own backyards by taking advantage of their local hot spots and looking at their everyday views through a new perspective. This was achieved through a unique service trip experience that allowed attendees to take part in protecting their local environment, while actively engaging in making a difference in their community.

During this weekend-long staycation, people had the chance to embark on a private waterway eco tour, take part in a mindfulness meditation experience, explore using sustainable ingredients through a hands-on cooking class, and engage in a waterway cleanup.

Adventures in Voluntourism was founded to inspire everyone from young professionals to the young-at-heart to make the world a better place, one trip experience at a time. We provide fun and adventurous group travel experiences that combine volunteer opportunities with cultural tourism – resulting in positive change for communities and a life-changing impact on participants.

Experiences like these are perfect for all ages, affordable for families, and a special way to enjoy a staycation while learning more about and supporting your local community.

If you love to travel, see new things, experience new experiences, and feel new feels, joining Adventures in Voluntourism will enable you to meet others with similar interests to you. While you learn and take part in a service trip, you will also do things on vacation or staycation that make the world a better place for future generations.

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