Sustainable Spring Break

“Spring Break is a time to clean out the past, pack up the present, and prepare for a much better future…”

Just because you’re no longer interested in the typical spring break party scene doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy spring break this year! Nowadays people of all ages are enjoying spring break vacations and eco-friendly travel experiences.

Spring Break is no longer known for college students searching for the wildest parties. It is becoming more “wow” and less “woo-hoo!” Spring break comes at the perfect time of year, as the world begins blooming and spring cleaning sets us up for satisfying life changes. This is a time of year to renew our inner selves, reflect on our state of mind, and engage in an opportunity for motivational growth.

Adventures in Voluntourism has designed unique group travel tours to make sustainable travel your new spring break routine. It is the perfect way to start feeling fresh this spring and to develop a renewed sense of what it means to effectively collaborate and positively contribute to the wider world. In addition to preplanned experiences, Adventures in Voluntourism can create customized travel itineraries for your private group, including a mix of adventure activities and volunteer experiences.

A sustainable spring break trip is a type of an adventure where you can become fully immersed in the culture of the community you visit. This begins with staying in eco-friendly or local accommodations, which benefits the world by leaving more green footprints during foreign travel. Your decision to travel sustainably not only contributes to the value of going-green, but also to the residents you’ll be visiting.

Spending time with locals and learning about traditions also enhances local economies. These service trips support wider communities, as locals are employed staff members and people from the community villages. And rooming or visiting with local people provides you with a real picture of life in a different place.

By traveling with Adventures in Voluntourism, you help improve the quality of life of others through adventures focused on environmental sustainability, cultural and historic preservation, and education.

This spring break, consider trying something new as you engage in a sustainable travel experience. Take part in helping the world develop into a more eco-friendly place at the same time as you reflect and discover yourself.

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