Benefits of Sustainable Travel

Sustainable travel is an opportunity for adventurers around the world to raise awareness of the positive impact people can make on local communities and natural heritage sites. Becoming more ecofriendly and aware of our footprints can help to reduce our impact on the world, and ultimately helps to create a more sustainable future. Deciding to travel sustainably is making a conscious decision to benefit the world and allows us to appreciate its true beauty. After you experience a sustainable travel trip you’ll be forever changed and have a beautiful story worth telling.

Adventures In Voluntourism (AIV) offers group travel experiences that empower people to protect the environment, celebrate and explore different cultures, and most importantly, embark on a service trip that focuses on developing awareness of sustainable, eco-friendly travel.

Traveling sustainably is an incredibly rewarding experience. It provides tourists with opportunities to experience new destinations like a local, while also providing ways for travelers to give back to communities they are visiting in a meaningful way. These types of service trips guide travelers through different heritages and cultures, enabling them to preserve history and the environment.

Here are three reasons why sustainable travel is good for your soul and wallet:

  1. Sustainable travel is affordable.

When you plan a sustainable travel adventure and spend on eco-friendly tourism, you’ll find that the cost is more affordable than an all-inclusive resort. Your money will go towards a greater purpose, as you’ll be supporting the local community, and feeding your soul as you don’t spend too much out of pocket. Freeing yourself from the tourist traps will be significantly cheaper and more memorable overall.

  1. Becoming a sustainable traveler is greatly rewarding.

Becoming a sustainable traveler enables you to travel with purpose and provides explorers with the ability to experience new adventures with an open-minded outlook. Ultimately, sustainable travel reminds people of the true meaning of travel by empowering travelers to take part in restoring local communities and heritage sites, while appreciating the wonders of the world even more!

  1. Traveling sustainably gives you a chance to explore more than just the hotel pool.

When you embark on a sustainable travel trip with Adventures in Voluntourism, you allow yourself to be totally immersed in the culture, which begins with staying in local accommodations. You will have an authentic experience where you can explore more than just your hotel pool!

See the world, meet new people, find yourself, and have a story worth telling.

Ready to take part in a rewarding first-hand experience of what life is truly like in different areas of the world? Travel with purpose on a givecation with Adventures in Voluntourism and give back to local communities by helping to restore heritage sites, educate the youth in local communities, and be part of something that aims to make the world a better place. You’ll meet new, awesome people who have similar interests to you and you’ll be part of redefining what travel means.

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